AdmitHub launches first college chatbot with Georgia State

Posted by Dan Peterson on May 17, 2016

To view of the results of the randomized control trial with Georgia State University click here: Case Study and Research Results


AdmitHub Launches First College Chatbot with Georgia State University

BOSTON -- May 17, 2016 -- Boston-based edtech startup AdmitHub has launched a text-message-based chatbot to help new Georgia State University students successfully transition to college.

“Pounce,” namesake of the GSU Panthers’ mascot, is the first university chatbot of its kind in the U.S. AdmitHub is the only company specializing in chatbots for higher education enrollment management and student persistence.

Pounce engages in conversations with incoming Georgia State students to guide them through key steps, such as filing the FAFSA, applying for housing, and registering for classes.

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