Case Study: OCC Boosts Student Enrollment & Engagement with AI

Ocean County College faced a challenge familiar to community colleges across the United States: for the sixth consecutive year, its enrollment had continued to decline. To combat this worrying trend, the New Jersey institution sought to streamline the student experience by launching “The Hub,” a one-stop shop for students where they could get all their questions answered, at any time of day or night.

The newest job in Higher Education: College Chatbot Manager

As demand for instant and centralized student support continues to grow in higher education, many colleges ask us how they should implement and then continually manage their university-wide chatbot. Do student success and enrollment-focused chatbots need a group of ten people to manage it, or is it a part-time job? Do our contributors need IT skills, writing skills, or both?

5 Ways AI Powered Chatbots Can Make a Big Difference for Colleges and Universities

Colleges across the country are using artificial intelligence to transform how they engage students. With the ability to support thousands of personalized conversations simultaneously and at any time of the day, student success teams can put the student at the center of their support model.

AI's Potential for Higher Ed Retention

As the spring semester kicks off, dwindling retention numbers remain a top concern for colleges and universities nationwide.

AI’s Impact on Ed Tech - Campus Tech write-up

Campus Technology wrote about artificial intelligence’s growing role across Higher Education and highlighted a handful of breakthroughs that have helped flip the script.

Edtech leaders predict 2019 trends

 eCampus News recently asked 20 edtech executives, including AdmitHub’s CEO Drew Magliozzi, to share their predictions for 2019. Artificial intelligence, chatbots, and more nuanced uses of student data were among the most popular topics.

3 Best Practices For Onboarding Your Student Success Bot

Student services teams across Higher Education are always looking to improve the college experience. As technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, it can help them reach students on a deeper level. However,  pairing strategic initiatives with emerging technology isn’t always a smooth process for institutions - particularly when staff views new tools through the lens of old frameworks.

AI enhances holistic support for admissions and beyond

Just as artificial intelligence is in the early stages of impacting practically every business, AI is set to assume a bigger role across college campuses. But will the growing reliance on robots compromise the human touch that goes hand in hand with an institution’s identity (and that of their student body)?

AI Helped Me Attend College

It’s more likely that prospective college students melt - or fail to enroll in college - during the summer because of lots of small obstacles rather than one large problem. Some students can’t meet a deadline because they have no transportation, others aren’t sure how to fill out forms, some aren’t sure how to get their medical records, and many simply don’t know who to turn to for answers.

CSU Symposium: Conversational AI and student success

On a panel called “The Power of Artificial Intelligence” at Cal State’s Graduation Initiative 2025 Symposium, our CEO Drew Magliozzi spoke alongside several campus leaders about artificial intelligence’s impact on retention, summer melt,  and holistic student support from enrollment to graduation. Placing an emphasis on AI as a listening tool, the panel discussed how AI is keeping students connected to their institutions and the resources that matter most through 24/7 on-demand assistance.

Make it Conversational

Building a conversational strategy

Conversations naturally have the greatest influence on human behavior because we’re wired to learn from them. That’s why we’ve baked one overriding principle into our recipe for student-centric communication: make it conversational.

Paving A Path of Least Resistance

 Back in our first post on student-centric communicationwe discussed how communication bakes into student engagement like eggs in a cake: it holds connections intact and binds outcomes across the entire student life cycle. 

Nudging Students Towards Success

 The smallest tweaks in choice environment  influence our decisions on a daily basis: we’re more likely to eat fruit if it’s presented at eye level, get a flu shot if it’s complimentary at the pharmacy, or even recycle when its bin is bigger than the trash.

Targeting Support Through Two-Way Channels

Joining the Conversation

5 Strategies for Student-Centric Communication


Every year, colleges have to do more with less. Their goals around enrollment, net tuition, diversity and academic achievement increase, while their resources often do not.

How GDPR Impacts Communicating with Students

In May of 2018, you may have noticed your inbox flooded with emails from companies talking about the GDPR, explaining how they updated their privacy policy to comply. I received so many, it reminded me of companies I forgot I used!

Update: Legal Considerations for Colleges Text Messaging Students

Colleges have embraced the need to incorporate mobile messaging into their student communications outreach, and since we first wrote about Texting and Privacy Laws, the best practices and requirements for sending text messages have received more clarification.

We want to pass along what we’ve learned, how we interpret the best practices, and how we work with our college partners so that colleges can continue building out their mobile messaging programs.

This article is for informational purposes and should not be considered legal advice.

How AI Entered My Life

I entered the college admission profession 27 years ago, when the internet was, not even discussed or thought of (except in Al Gore’s imagination haha). I kept a file box with all of my prospective students printed on paper slips with handwritten notes scribbled all over them.

Messenger: From your college website to on the go

The shift in consumer preferences towards conversational messaging is hard to ignore. It’s how most people -- and especially students -- communicate these days.

The Early Adopter Advantages for Colleges Using AI

Just like the twittersphere was buzzing with people bragging about buying bitcoin in 2013, there are going to be colleges in 2019 boasting about how they implemented AI in 2017.

The Most Important Metric For Higher Ed Marketing Teams

‘Tis the season for college enrollment and marketing teams to connect with thousands of high school juniors and seniors. 

Implementing Facebook Messenger Into Your Admissions Recruitment Strategy

With students applying to more colleges, increases in tuition discounting, and students seeking alternatives to a college education, most higher education institutions are finding it challenging to meet enrollment goals. 

AdmitHub Wins Grand Prize at MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge

Boston, MA    -   October 20, 2017  -   AdmitHub won the Grand Prize at the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge in the Technology Access category at HUBWeek.

Why Every College Needs A Secure Data Warehouse

As technology evolves faster than most organizations can adapt, it’s clear that data-centric companies will devour their competitors.

How Colleges Can Capture the Attention of Generation Z

Just as we were getting used to all of the talk about Millennials, another generation emerges: Generation Z. These young Americans have thrust themselves into the spotlight like a new SnapChat filter, music festival, or Unicorn Frappuccino.

You Don’t Buy AI-Powered Tech—You Hire It

There are a thousand business owners waiting for artificial intelligence to “arrive,” in a commercial sense. 

They see AI’s potential, and they’re waiting for it to evolve into a product that can actually affect their business in a positive way, not just play board games.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data in Enrollment Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are currently front and center for evaluation and implementation in higher education. 

Summer is Here: A Guide for Texting Students through to Matriculation

High school seniors have just graduated, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they're ready to start college. 

Case Study: Allegheny College Maintains a Personal Touch with Text Message Automation

There are over two hundred liberal arts colleges in the U.S. These institutions primarily promote small classes, low faculty to student ratios, and a high level of personal engagement between students and college staff.

Case Study: How Georgia State University supports every student with personalized text messaging

In late 2015, Georgia State came to us with a major challenge. They were grappling with runaway summer melt that had increased from 12% to nearly 19% in a few short years.

Lessons learned while texting 30,000 students in 3 days

As a former college admission officer and independent school counselor, I’ve connected with a lot of students over the years.

Five innovative college acceptance notifications

It’s the most wonderful time of the college admissions! Many colleges are sending their acceptances to students across the globe. The tried and true “fat admit packet” is still a mainstay among many colleges.

Five steps to evaluate a text messaging platform in higher education

As 2016 comes to a close, it's hard to argue against the emergence of text messaging in higher education.

Why higher education chatbots will take over university mobile apps

Quick poll: how many apps do you have on your phone? (I have 86...I just counted!)

How to 10X your university call center efficiency using knowledge base software

Amid higher education’s increasingly competitive environment, institutions are looking for ways to develop deeper relationships with prospective, current, and former students.

What can Artificial Intelligence do for me?

If you’ve ever heard the term artificial intelligence (AI for short), then you’ve likely had one of these three reactions:

Engaging Students with Chatbots: A Rising Tide

“Would a student prefer to talk to a chatbot over a human?” This is a question that comes up when speaking with higher education leaders.

16 statistics on why schools should be texting/messaging students

I attended NACAC's annual conference in Columbus, Ohio last month to learn about strategies to help schools and professionals serve students as they are making choices around pursuing a postsecondary education.

Educating students about FAFSA changes can pay big dividends

Two major changes for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are affecting the 2017-18 school year application season.

Click-to-message: How schools can start conversations from Google AdWords

Today, educational institutions are presented with endless solutions to solve the challenge of meeting students where they are. So how do you choose what's most effective?

Texting and Privacy Laws: What schools must know when texting students

90 percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes and 45 percent elicit a response from the recipient.

Your students are messaging. Are you?

Text messaging and messaging apps are trending up as more and more people, especially young people, get smartphones and use them to communicate with one another and the world at large.

Reinvigorating the college search and application process

Way back when I when I began my college search (in 2007, which I'm told was only yesterday when I talk to some of my seniors about it), I wasn't too excited about the process.

Back-to-School Excitement, New Ventures and Big Dreams

Happy New Year! I’ve always loved the week leading up to Labor Day. The dog days of summer are nearing their end, the sun is setting earlier, nights are cooler, and at home here in northern New England, the water just got warm enough to swim in.

Texting strategies throughout the student lifecycle

Virtual assistants, a.k.a. chatbots, can help you out with any number of different functions, like telling you that you need an umbrella when you leave home, building daily to-do lists, and even recommending movies based on your interests.

To bot or not to bot — that is the question in higher education


Welcome back to Founders' Keepers, the semi-regular blog about AdmitHub from the perspective of its co-founders, Kirk and Drew. First, a couple of announcements:

A little texting can go a long way toward improving student success and retention

How well do you know the state of student success in higher education in the United States?

Seven smart text messaging strategies for schools

Over the past few years, more and more schools are transitioning to include texting as one of their primary communication channels to reach and engage prospective and current students. It’s easy to see why 75 percent of millennials prefer texting over talking.

College chatbots are revolutionizing communication with students

By now you’ve no doubt heard about chatbots. In fact, you’re probably talking to one already on your smartphone (Hey Siri!) to help you make hands-free calls, get map directions, search for information on the internet, set reminders, schedule meetings … perhaps even order tacos, flowers, and more.

Founders' Keepers: How AdmitHub began building chatbots for colleges

Welcome to the first edition of “Founders’ Keepers,” our monthly blog chronicling the ins and outs of our fair startup,  AdmitHub.

AdmitHub acquires Reference Service Press


AdmitHub acquires Reference Service Press, authoritative scholarship database.

6 Tips For Schools Using Facebook Messenger

Facebook has doubled down on its messaging capabilities, and schools should be paying close attention.

AdmitHub launches first college chatbot with Georgia State

To view of the results of the randomized control trial with Georgia State University click here: Case Study and Research Results

What are chatbots and why are they suddenly taking center stage?

A chatbot (or chatterbox or talking robot) is a computer program that’s designed to carry out a conversation with an actual person. While chatbots are popping up all over the place lately from your smartphone to starring roles in Hollywood they aren’t new. In fact, chatbots predate the Internet.

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